Develop your communityEdit

One of the first steps in developing your community is to encourage new visitors to the wiki to get involved. The following suggestions may help:

  • Create a recent visitors page or guestbook so new people can participate even before they have content to add.

  • Encourage new users to add some content to their user page.
  • Give a personal greeting to newcomers. (templates are useful, but a written one is better)
  • Add to the pages created by newcomers, either with content, links or category tags.

  • Create a page which explains how new users can contribute to the wiki.

  • Link to unfinished or requested pages from your wiki's home page so people can easily see what needs working on.

  • Point people to the IRC channel, mailing list or community page, such as your Project:Community Portal to help build a community.
  • You can link to these in the MediaWiki:Community-corner which appears at the bottom right of the Special:WikiActivity page of every user.

  • Organize and participate in events like a logo contest. You can also advertise these outside of the wiki to bring in new users.